July 13, 2009

Playlists Please!

Something that I've recently become obsessed with is looking through the iTunes celebrity playlists. For me nothing tells more about a person than the type of music they like, so this seems like a little peak into the "true" nature of a celebrity. However, I've been a little disappointed with some of them that I've looked up. There are only two reasons for this in my mind. Either these celebrities aren't as interesting as I thought they would be (i.e. Chris Noth's playlist) or they are more concerned with promoting their current projects (i.e. Diane Keating's playlist).

The ones I have enjoyed that are worth checking out are Paul Rudd, Julia Stiles, Robert Pattinson, and Frieda Pinto.

Also, iTunes, who would want a True Blood cast playlist without Alexander SkarsgÄrd? Not me.

July 12, 2009

Harry Potter Weakness

With the upcoming release of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" ABC Family has declared this past weekend a Harry Potter weekend, which exploited my Harry Potter weakness. They showed the first four movies with sneak peaks of number six during the breaks. I have to say that even though I've seen them all numerous times I can't make myself turn the channel. Curling up on the couch with a box of Junior Mints and watching HP is a guilty bliss.
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