July 30, 2010

General Rush Tips

** Apologises for not updating for a while. I just started a new job (yay!), so I've been super busy. But I'm back, so get excited! And welcome to all the new followers!**

Here are just some general tips dealing with different topics you will encounter during rush.  I'll go more into conversation in the next post, but I'll briefly give some pointers. Again, some of this might sound a little extreme or superficial, but it is just the way it is.  I've been involved in enough recruitments to see what everyone is doing and the girls that stand out in a good and bad way.

  • Manicure and pedicure required. French is better for both because it will go with all your outfits and if something happens and you chip your polish it is less noticeable. 
  • Make-up everyday. It doesn't need to be something completely out of the ordinary just nicely applied.
  • Hair - This depends on your own hair type. You need to wear your hair in a way that will look good through an extremely hot and long day. For instance, I have naturally curly hair. When I went through rush I wore my hair curly every day because I knew if I straightened my hair, two parties in it would be a frizzy mess. Just figure out how you're going to manage the weather etc. before you get to campus.
  • No perfume! It is just too hot and there are too many people.  Trust me. Perfume is a no no. 
Tote Bag Must Haves:
  •  Flip flops - So you can switch out between your not so comfortable shoes between parties. Just remember to change back!
  • Hand towel- Now this will probably sound gross, but it's so you can take care of any sweat issues. Trust me you will be so happy you have it. 
  • Make up: Just for touch ups etc. You'll know what you need. 
  • Water Bottle
  • Cough drops- You might lose your voice and it's just nice to have some on hand.
  • Breath mints
  • Hand Sanitizer-  Beside the fact that you are going to be shaking a lot of people's hands and that can be germy. Hand sanitizer is great for making sweaty palms not so sweat anymore, so squirt some on before you head into a party.
  • Hair stuff- bobby pins, hairspray etc. Whatever it is that you might need to do touch ups. 
  • Small Mirror
  • Random Emergency stuff- Safety pins, band aids, deodorant, Advil, contact solution, stain stick, wet wipes, lint roller, and anything else that will make you feel better knowing you have it. 
  • Start thinking of some events from this summer or high school that you can talk about.  For instance, what you did for the 4th of July, summer trip to Europe, Girls State, being President of your senior class etc.  Get it together not in a way that is rehearsed, but just so you're not just saying, "I went to Italy this summer. It was a lot of fun." Instead you can say, "I went to Italy this summer for my graduation present from my parents.  I had a wonderful time getting to go to all the different museums and going shopping.  I definitely want to go again."  This is better because you sound more interesting and you're giving your rusher topics she can ask you about ie: what was your favorite museum?, what did you buy? etc.  
  • Clean up your facebook. This isn't really conversation, but whatever. Give your facebook a face lift. Make sure there aren't wild pictures or comments. Rushers WILL look at your facebook. I promise, so make sure it is classy. 
There are just a few little pointers and tips for ya! More to come soon!

July 19, 2010

Rush- What Do I Wear?!

Here are some examples I made of what would be appropriate to wear during Formal Recruitment. Now not every school has the same schedule or events, so make sure to check your school's schedule and adapt the days I've listed.  Some campuses are more "frills" leaning meaning everyone including members are a little bit dressier or they are "no frills" meaning things are more relaxed and could be categorized as informal formal recruitment.  (I won't get into the other meanings of frills or no frills. It's way too confusing and not really important for PNMs. If you want to know you can e-mail me.)  These outfits are definitely more geared towards a frills recruitment, which is essentially any large university south of the Mason Dixie line or in California.  You probably know whether your school's Greek system is competitive or what their trends are, so I'm sure you can judge how dressy it is. These examples are on the dressier end.

Day 1- Casual Day
Almost every rush will have one day that is casual. It is usually the 1st day sometimes the 2nd. There is usually some rush t-shirt that will be provided to wear or you'll wear your schools shirt.  The key to this day is to not mistake casual for sloppy.  Just because you don't have to wear heels doesn't mean you can just throw anything on.  Accessories are always important, but especially today. This example has pearls. Now for some it might seem weird to wear pearls with a t-shirt, but honey get used to it if your going to be in sorority. If you plan to wear tennis shoes they need to be almost new. No scuffs or dirt.

Day 2 - Philanthropy
The 2nd day/round of recruitment really differs more than any other day at each campus.  Sometimes it will be the casual day because you will be making crafts etc for the sororities' philanthropy.  If not it gets a little bit dressier.  Wearing a casual dress is great with flats.  Again make sure you complete the outfit with accessories. Make-up doesn't need to be super elaborate.

Day 3- Skit Day
This is the round that things start to get dressier.  This is something you would wear if you had a ceremony to attend.  Heels are recommended. However, this is usually the day house tour occurs so you will be going up and down stairs and walking around.  You need to know how to walk in your heels well. If that's going to be a problem wedges are always a good alternative or dressy flats. Also, out of all the outfits your rushers will remember it will probably be this one because it's a longer party and things seem less crazy when on house tour in regards to having a "real" conversation.

Day 4- Pref Night

This is the last round and the dressiest.  Must wear a dress and heels.  Think along the lines of a cocktail dress.  Side note: you will not be talking to any boys during a recruitment party. (Granted they will likely be sitting across the street in the yard on a couch. But they are not important, so they don't count.)  Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to dress sexy for this round.  No one wants to see your whoo ha or your boobs.  Keep it classy.  

Now again all these looks can be adapted for your campus or style. It's just important to remember to dress comfortably-ish (lets face it... rush is so not comfortable. It's not fair to let you think it will be.), present yourself as put together, and express your own individual style within the dress code.

Next post will deal with general recruitment tips including appearance, what to bring in your tote, and conversation pointers.

July 17, 2010

Rush Intro

Now if you are reading this you probably already know what rush is, so I'm not going to go into a detailed explanation about the process or a long list of definitions.  This is going to act more as primer to preparing for rush.

A few definitions (official and some of my own):

  • PNM - Potential New Member (someone going through rush)
  • Bid- An invitation to join a sorority
  • Rush - The p.c. term is recruitment but it's the same thing. 
  • Rusher- A sorority member who is involved in rush. 
  • Formal Recruitment- This is the time when all sororities are recruiting new members.
  • Informal Recruitment- This is after Formal is over when some sororities that have open spaces still available can continue to extend bids. 
  • Informal Formal- This is one of my own. This is a type of formal recruitment that is laid back. AKA No Frills.  This is usually the type of recruitment that smaller schools, non competitive Greek systems, and schools not in the south have.
So the thing about rush is it's organized chaos. I once heard someone describe it as a combination of speed dating and interviewing, which I think is accurate.  The other thing is that it is incredibly emotional. You're usually away from home for the first time and you are thrust into this super jam packed event.  Also, is the addition that you are in a sense being evaluated, which always kinda stinks.  And it's not really an accurate portrayal of what it's like to be in a sorority.  People aren't going to be waiting at the door singing and clapping every time you go to the house.

The great thing is that it's only a couple of days and being in sorority out ways the craziness it takes to get in. Also, if you know what to expect and prepare everything before hand it can be A LOT easier.  This is the part I want to help with to have you have the best recruitment you can.  Next post is What do I wear? out on the 19th!

July 15, 2010

Sorority Recruitment

 My Bid Day. I'm in the second row of black t-shirts with the big white necklace.

As the end of July approaches it makes me sad that I'm not going to be moving into the sorority house to get ready for Work Week then recruitment.  I have been obsessed with recruitment ever since I went through it. Every year I was a member I was a part of the recruitment team and have gone back to help after graduating.  So, I was thinking I could share some advice I've gathered over the years to those going through recruitment. Now this isn't going to be a guarantee you'll get into the house you want, but it's just helpful hints. And for those of you who are already members or Alums you can add your own tips to each section in the comments.

Every campus is different, so you'll have to use your judgment about what will work and won't. There will be 6 parts to this recruitment series:
  • Rush Intro
  • What to Wear
  • General Tips
  • Tip for Rush Parties
  • Rules for when you get to campus.
  • So, you're in... now what?
Next post will be Rush Intro on Saturday! So get excited and stay tuned!!

July 14, 2010

Vera Bradley Maddness!!

I love Vera Bradley. There is no sugar coating this addiction.  Some people can recognize certain designer shoes or clothes from miles away.  This is how I am with Vera prints. (Yes, we are on a first name basis.)  I can tell you the name, if it's retired, and what year it was introduced. It's a little obsessive and weird I know, but I can't help it. My first introduction to Vera was in my sorority. I think it should be included in the initiation requirements: learn purpose, pay dues, attend new member meetings, and purchase your first Vera Bradley bag.  So, I thought I would share some of my favorite prints that are currently available.

Loves Me - So cute! Love the pink and orange against the navy. Also, 10% of proceeds go the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

Hello Dahlia!- I like how big the flowers are in this print and that they all aren't the same. Also, the colors remind me of Fall. 

Imperial Toile- I love toile, so I was very excited to see this print.  It's hard to tell from this picture, but it's a dark chocolate brown and ivory.  There is also an accent of pink that isn't shown. 

Bali Gold- A little bit of an older print that just retired in May, but I still love all the bright colors. Most items in this print are currently on sale.

For more information about these prints and to order visit http://www.verabradley.com/

July 13, 2010

Connecticut and Etiquette

Mystic Seaport - Museum of America and the Sea

Mystic Seaport is great tourist destination located in Mystic,CT.  The various attractions include a 19th century village and various ships that are harbored for people to go aboard and explore.  When I went I loved the shops in the "village" it was fun to see the different types of stores and businesses that would have been around in 19th century New England.  I remember being particularly impressed with the printing press exhibit.  One thing I did not realize about Mystic is that they give sailing lessons to children through adults.  You can start with the beginning classes or hone your skills in one of the advanced. So much fun and so worth it. For more information http://www.mysticseaport.org


Deference is when you defer to someone because of age and/or experience.  It's a way to be respectful to them.  Referring to people by their titles, removing your hat during the pledge, or standing when an authority figure enters the room (ie: a judge, elected official etc.).  It might seem old fashion and rigid, but really how hard is it to show respect?  You can respect a person or institution without necessarily agreeing with it. Next time you're out somewhere watch for deference or the lack of it and decide what that says about that person.  

July 12, 2010

To Bow or Not to Bow?

Ok, so I've been a big fan of bows since I was kid.  They are just fun, carefree, and young. Which leads me to my conundrum. How old is too old to wear bows in your hair?

When I started college I retired my bows and ribbons thinking that it was childish. But then everyone started wearing bows again! So, I jumped on board and started sporting bows and bow-bands.  Now that I'm a quasi-adult I still want to wear bows but I'm left with the feeling that they are again too childish for my age.

So, I ask you. How old is too old to wear bows? Does it depend on the occasion? Does it depend on the bow? Let me know your thoughts!

July 9, 2010

"Muffy, look what I found in the garage."

So this past week I have been going through boxes in my Mom's garage. It's mostly just stuff that needs to stay packed up like old school work and yearbooks. But I found a little treasure I wasn't expecting in one of the boxes. My Dad's copy of The Official Preppy Handbook edited by Lisa Birnbach.  I've heard about the book, but I never read it. I loved it! It had a lot of tips, but it was mainly poking fun at the prep look and people.  I did some research and apparently it was huge when it was published and caused a lot of people in the 80s to dress preppy. I guess that makes sense because at every 80s themed party you are bound to see someone in a lacoste shirt with the collar up.  Here are some of my favorite parts:

  • Prep Reading List : Which included The Catch in the Rye, A Separate Peace, Good Times/Bad Times, and Lawarenceville Stories.
  • Ten Preppy Fashion Fundamentals:
    • Conservatism
    • Neatness
    • Attention to Detail
    • Practicality
    • Quality
    • Natural Fibers
    • Anglophilia
    • Specific Color Blindness
    • The Sporting Look
    • Androgyny
  • The Lexicon: My favorite definitions:
    • a little tongue sushi- French Kissing
    • eat my shorts- Drop dead, go jump in the lake
    • love- what a girl feels about ice cream, add-a-beads, sailing, and needlepoint
    • Perrier- what you drink when you're hung over. With a lime wedge. 
  • Coloring sheet for The Virtues Pink and Green (to be posted soon)
It was really funny and I enjoyed reading it.  I am super excited that Lisa Birnbach is coming out with an updated version in September called True Prep .   

Hope you enjoyed this peppy post! If not... eat my shorts!

July 6, 2010

Connecticut and Etiquette

Old Saybrook lighthouse. Old Saybrook, CT

My Dad was from Connecticut, so growing up I spent many school vacations visiting family there. Some of my fondest memories are from my time in Connecticut like going to the beach with my Grandma, feeding seagulls at the dock with my cousins, and tagging along for my Grandpa and Dad's golf games. 

When I started college, I became obsessed with etiquette.  At night when I couldn't sleep I would alternate between reading The Great Gatsby and Emily Post's Etiquette. Something that I still do. Now I have collected many different etiquette books and finding new ones is a sort of passion of mine. I love all things proper and etiquette-y.

So, with that I decided to start doing a post about one of my favorite Connecticut things and an etiquette tip or thought. Thus, Connecticut and Etiquette!

Goodspeed Opera House

The Goodspeed Opera House is a Connecticut and musical theater institution. Located in East Haddam it is a picturesque building that has a long history.  Many musicals have gotten there start at Goodspeed including the original production of Annie, which my Grandma attended.  I can't remember all the shows I saw there, but I do remember going to see The Pajama Game with my Dad.  Of course, it was fabulous.  For more information about Goodspeed and upcoming productions visit http://www.goodspeed.org/.


I think Peggy Post put it best when she wrote, "The mark of a gracious person is his ability to put people at ease and spare them any embarrassment."  In today's individualistic world we should strive to remember to be gracious.  If someone is lost or unsure of what to do help them out.  To knowingly let someone feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation or fall behind because they don't know what to do is simply unforgivable.  Politely help them out and don't make a big fuss about it.  A person should feel grateful you helped not stupid.

July 5, 2010

Oh, I thought you were somebody.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! My family had a baby shower for my cousin Taryn and some great bbq for dinner.  When I got home I did my usual tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence  (I was a Poli Sci major in college. I can't help it.) then I was delighted to see one of my all time favorite movies on... Oklahoma!

When I was a kid, I would alternate Oklahoma! and Grease for my after school musical. Oklahoma was also the first play I was ever in, so it holds a special place in my heart. One of the reasons I think I love it so much is because Curly is just too sweet and the actors who play him are always very dashing.  For instance:

The oh so gorgeous Hugh Jackman.

Of course, the classic Gordon MaCrae.

Maybe this means I have a weakness for cowboys? I don't know about that, but I do know that I love Curly and I love Oklahoma!

July 1, 2010

Maybe I need a break...

As I continue the never ending quest to get into law school, I had a major nerd moment (not that they don't happen that often). I'm taking a fabulous Kaplan course to do my prep work, so I will be prepared to take on that Hell on Earth...the LSAT.

My six, yes six, books I will be studying until October.

Today I covered formal logic (ex: If X then Y) and I took a break and thought.  "If I don't go to pay my electric bill, then I will not have electricity. And if I have electricity, then I went to pay my electric bill."  I don't know if it's a good or bad sign that I'm thinking in formal logic statements and their contrapositives.... 

I do think it means I should take a break to read my new favorite YA book series: Pretty Little Liars.
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