April 24, 2011

Easy Thank You Notes

Thank you notes can some times feel daunting.  When I was younger I always hated having to write them because I never knew what to say except "Thanks!".  With practice I have gotten a little better and I have come up with a crutch for those times I'm not sure what to write.  I just remember my G.I.F.T.S.

G- Greeting
Dear so and so, or just their name is fine. 
I- Include examples
If you received a gift you could say "I love my new scarf! I am always looking to add to my collection."  If you are thanking someone for a favor, "I would have never been able to pack my apartment up with out the boxes you brought by."
F- Future
Mention the future in some way you could mention how you are going to use the gift you received or how favor etc will influence you. . Ex: "I can't wait until this winter to wear it with my new coat."
T- Thanks
End your note expressing thanks.
S- Signature
Then sign.

Clearly, it doesn't need to fit exactly but I always find it helpful to have a few points to make if I am having a hard time.  It's the thought that counts and your thank you note recipient will be delighted whatever it says.

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