October 23, 2012

Get Your Political Party On!

No worries, you will not find any political commentary here.  But with all the election commercials, debates, and soundbites I just get so excited.  I've been a closeted poltical junkie my whole life.  And I have found some of the cutest political swag.  RetroCampaigns.com has classical poltical t-shirts. In my opinion vintage + politics = perfection.  Here are some of my favorites.

Lyndon Johnson 'All the Way with LBJ' 1968 Presidential Campaign T-Shirt 

John F. Kennedy 'Students for Kennedy' 1960 Presidential Campaign T-Shirt 

Jimmy Carter Clinton Mass Campaign T-Shirt 

Barry Goldwater 'Elephant with Glasses' 1964 Presidential Campaign T-Shirt

If you're looking for something with a little more party than political, these koozies from Haymarket Designs are presh!

Democrat Koozies
For the Dems
Republican Koozies
For the Repubs

There you have it. Bi-partisan "party" politics. What fun political swag have y'all found this election cycle?

The Key Prep on Campus,


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