March 23, 2013

Connecticut & Etiquette

Don't worry. You're not going crazy nor am I.  I know the picture is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, not Connecticut. On my trip over winter break, I went to visit my aunt in Connecticut and then took the train down to New York with my cousin to spend a few days.  It was fabulous! I got to have a wonderful white Christmas and then go to all my favorite New York spots. 

Not super white Christmas, but white none the less.
While in New York I did some shopping and went to the Met.  The Met is my absolute favorite place in the whole world. 

My favorite painting -- The Blind Man's Meal by Picasso

After the Met, I ventured across the park to the Museum of Natural History. I had never been before and I loved it.  Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite President, so of course I loved all the Roosevelt exhibits... maybe more than the dinosaur ones. 

That night we went out to Beauty Bar a really fun old 1950s salon that has been converted to a bar.  

My cousin and I at Beauty Bar.

Since this a long post. Just a link to Emily Post for the etiquette portion.  If you haven't been you should. 

The Key Prep on Campus,


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