March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Crafts

With Easter just around the corner I thought I'd compile some fun Easter Egg crafts and tips I've found. 

At Paas they have all the information you could ever want about dying Easter Eggs.  They even have a helpful Egg Decorating Tips page that gives tons of information including different ways to hard boil your eggs (oven?? who knew?).

If the experts at Paas don't answer all your questions you can download the Martha Stewart Egg Dying App for $.99.  It gives you the run down on different dying techniques and crafts for the dyed eggs.  If you can come up with a question that Martha can't answer, you're asking the wrong questions.

After you're done dying all your eggs you can be crafty and green by using the empty egg cartons to make these precious candy holders.  Over at Paper, Plate and Plane, Jeromina gives you all the deets.

Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter!

The Key Prep on Campus,



  1. I love dying eggs, but mine never seem to turn out as good as the photographs I see. That app may be just the thing!


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