August 10, 2010

Rules for Campus

So, you've picked out all your outfits and you are prepped and ready for a rush party. Now what do you do when you get to campus?

Get unpacked and organized because it will be hard to do once rush starts and you feel much better when everything starts to get hectic. Get to know your roommate and the people on your floor. These are the people you are going to be living with for the next year. You might as well start the to bond with them before rush and school starts. Also, it is a good idea to find out where the local stores are that you might need to go to during rush. Such as Target, dry cleaners, salon etc.  This way you won't be frantically looking when you need something done. 

Remember that once you get into town you will probably run into a sorority member.  You will probably not release it, but chances are she will know who you are.  So, don't go to Target and act heinously towards your parents or get mad at someone who is taking a long time at the ATM.  Rush doesn't start day 1, it starts the instant you set foot in the city limits. On that note, do not and I repeat do not go to any parties (and I mean like party parties. You know) even if some cute boy asks you.  There will probably be sorority members there or they will hear through the grapevine you went.  Just don't do it.  Be on your extra best behavior.


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