August 8, 2010

Rush Party!

Now whether you call them parties or events here are some dos and don'ts to have a successful experience at your rush parties.

  • Smile- everyone is hot and tired, but it will be such a relief to the members if you come in smiling.  
  • Say how much you love their house- Only do this if you really do love it and you don't have to go into all the details.  A simple "I'm so glad I am back today. You are my favorite house." It might seem like you are putting yourself on the line, but it could pay off.  The chapter wants great girls who want to be there.  But don't go around telling every house that.  Someone will find out.
  • Have some questions ready-  If you aren't automatically clicking with your rusher have some questions ready to ask them.  This way you can show you are prepared/ the rusher will love you. I loved it when people asked me questions because I could talk on and on about the answer.  Some ideas for questions are "What was your favorite philanthropy event? Favorite date party? What is your new member program like?" Just have a few ready for emergencies. 
  • Go to the bathroom. Only if you really really have to go. You are missing out on party time and some girls do this when they don't think the house is worth it. So try not to and if you do be quick.
  • Have fun! This is the way you can get to know about the house and make your decision. While it's not a completely accurate portrayal of the Greek system you will meet some great girls. Enjoy yourself and make sure you get your questions answered. 
  • Talk about other houses! If you are at ABC and you really like or dislike XYZ do not talk about with your rusher.  Even if you are saying that you don't like it. This is because they don't want a member who is going to be going around bad mouthing other houses during the school year.  And chances are that their roommate from last year is an XYZ and after the day is over ABC member is probably going to tell XYZ that you were saying bad things about them. 
  • Talk about how you are a legacy.  For instance, if you are an ABC legacy and you are at the ABC party. There is absolutely no reason to tell them. They already know and I can guarantee you that every member in the house knows your name, high school, gpa, activities and anticipated major.  If said ABC legacy is at an XYZ party don't talk about it either because it will come off as a snub to them.  Plus, they already know what house you are legacy to.  Remember that being a legacy doesn't guarantee you a bid and sometimes you just might not like your legacy house.  Just keep an open mind and the sororities will keep an open mind about you.
  • Tell them what other houses you have been invited back to. Good rushers will try and get the info from you, but don't fall for it.  They will ask questions like "So, how busy has your day been? Is this going to be a hard decision?"  Just respond with "Oh yes my day has been very busy." etc.  
  • Be mean or rude. Even if you do not want to be at the house or you are pissed because you just got cut from you top choice.  Just put on your big girl panties and continue on with your day.  You might have a change of heart.  
  • Listen to tent talk. This is the talk that all the PNMs do while waiting for parties or back in the dorms.  Make your own judgments about the houses and ignore everything else.  You don't know why anyone is drawing the conclusion they are, so just try and filter the information you are getting. 
Just remember that every girl you are talking to has been in the exact same place as you.  They know how hard it is and they all have some sympathy for you.  Just don't abuse it.  Keep an open mind and enjoy yourself.

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