June 29, 2011

What the Hob Lob?!

On my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, I noticed something strange last week.  The first few aisles were empty and workers were adjusting shelves etc.  Now this was nothing too out of the ordinary, but when I went in this week and discovered what they were preparing for I almost had a coronary. I turned down one of the first aisles and these gentlemen were staring at me.
The two creepy gentlemen and their shoe/ornament collections.
Christmas items!! In June!! Every year it just gets earlier and earlier I think by 2014 they will just leave Christmas items up all year.   If I burn myself every time I get in my car it is too early to think about winter. 

After my Christmas shock I went on to make my purchases.  I got some pretty amazing paper and card stock on sale.
Paper and such.
Close up of paper. 
I also got some foam stamps.  I think they will work out better for my clip board  painting that regular stamps. 
Paisley, of course.
Circular design.
So there you have it.  Once I start another clip board I'll make sure and show ya'll the progress.  Hope ya'll are having a great week and remember....
He he he. 


  1. Those paisley papers are gorg! And Christmas items ALREADY? Crazy, crazy, crazy.

  2. oh my! I guess that's why they've been having soo much for 80% off, gotta make room for santa! LOVE the paisley stamps!


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