June 27, 2011

Recruitment Time!!

We are half way through summer and it's time to be gearing up for recruitment again! Last year I had some posts about recruitment and I think everyone liked them.  So, I thought I'd put up the links to the posts from last year and see if there are any recruitment topics that ya'll think it would be beneficial to write about.

Recruitment Posts:

So, again let me know if there is anything ya'll want to know about and I'll post it!  


  1. These are great tips! We do recruitment in the spring (which really means January!) This upcoming year I'll do a post with some winter rush attire, which can be a challenge! Your tips are great, anyone rushing will really appreciate them!

  2. I want to know why you don't come to work anymore :(

  3. Thanks a bunch. I'm pretty set on rushing this Fall so I appreciate all these posts so much!

  4. Love these tips! Can't wait to rush in the fall! :)


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