July 30, 2010

General Rush Tips

** Apologises for not updating for a while. I just started a new job (yay!), so I've been super busy. But I'm back, so get excited! And welcome to all the new followers!**

Here are just some general tips dealing with different topics you will encounter during rush.  I'll go more into conversation in the next post, but I'll briefly give some pointers. Again, some of this might sound a little extreme or superficial, but it is just the way it is.  I've been involved in enough recruitments to see what everyone is doing and the girls that stand out in a good and bad way.

  • Manicure and pedicure required. French is better for both because it will go with all your outfits and if something happens and you chip your polish it is less noticeable. 
  • Make-up everyday. It doesn't need to be something completely out of the ordinary just nicely applied.
  • Hair - This depends on your own hair type. You need to wear your hair in a way that will look good through an extremely hot and long day. For instance, I have naturally curly hair. When I went through rush I wore my hair curly every day because I knew if I straightened my hair, two parties in it would be a frizzy mess. Just figure out how you're going to manage the weather etc. before you get to campus.
  • No perfume! It is just too hot and there are too many people.  Trust me. Perfume is a no no. 
Tote Bag Must Haves:
  •  Flip flops - So you can switch out between your not so comfortable shoes between parties. Just remember to change back!
  • Hand towel- Now this will probably sound gross, but it's so you can take care of any sweat issues. Trust me you will be so happy you have it. 
  • Make up: Just for touch ups etc. You'll know what you need. 
  • Water Bottle
  • Cough drops- You might lose your voice and it's just nice to have some on hand.
  • Breath mints
  • Hand Sanitizer-  Beside the fact that you are going to be shaking a lot of people's hands and that can be germy. Hand sanitizer is great for making sweaty palms not so sweat anymore, so squirt some on before you head into a party.
  • Hair stuff- bobby pins, hairspray etc. Whatever it is that you might need to do touch ups. 
  • Small Mirror
  • Random Emergency stuff- Safety pins, band aids, deodorant, Advil, contact solution, stain stick, wet wipes, lint roller, and anything else that will make you feel better knowing you have it. 
  • Start thinking of some events from this summer or high school that you can talk about.  For instance, what you did for the 4th of July, summer trip to Europe, Girls State, being President of your senior class etc.  Get it together not in a way that is rehearsed, but just so you're not just saying, "I went to Italy this summer. It was a lot of fun." Instead you can say, "I went to Italy this summer for my graduation present from my parents.  I had a wonderful time getting to go to all the different museums and going shopping.  I definitely want to go again."  This is better because you sound more interesting and you're giving your rusher topics she can ask you about ie: what was your favorite museum?, what did you buy? etc.  
  • Clean up your facebook. This isn't really conversation, but whatever. Give your facebook a face lift. Make sure there aren't wild pictures or comments. Rushers WILL look at your facebook. I promise, so make sure it is classy. 
There are just a few little pointers and tips for ya! More to come soon!


  1. My undergrad didn't have Greek life, but I've enjoyed reading your posts about it :-)


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