September 8, 2010

Connecticut and Etiquette

Katherine Hepburn

Oh, how I love Katherine Hepburn. Such an amazing actress and a style icon.  And a Connecticut native! She was born in Hartford and later in life actually lived in Old Saybrook where my grandparents lived.  And yes, sadly, my family were annoying fans that would drive by her house. We obviously never stopped or anything just a casual drive by.(Perhaps my etiquette section should be on privacy...)

Old Saybrook has honored Hepburn with The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center aka The Kate.  There are various events that The Kate hosts such as film screenings, concerts, and even live simulcasts of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. I have never been to The Kate, but it is going to be a stop on my next visit to Connecticut for sure.

Classroom Etiquette

These are a few things that I just think are unacceptable when it comes to how to behave in a classroom be it high school, college or work training.
  • Cell phones-  If you get a call before class starts and you are already sitting in your seat you one of two options. First, you could answer quickly and say "My class is about to start. I'll call you when it's over." hang up and be done.  Or if you need to talk for an emergency etc you leave the room find a semi-private place to talk. Do not sit and have an entire conversation in such close proximity to others and by all means DO NOT continue talking when the professor has arrived and is starting class.   
  • Personal Grooming-  It's best done at home or in the bathroom.  This includes (cringe) cleaning your fingernails with the tip of a mechanical pencil, paper clip or other office supply. Get yourself some clippers and go to the bathroom. Nothing is more disgusting than hearing the snip, snip, snip of fingernail clippers in places not meant for such an activity. 
  • Public Drunkenness- It is never ok to attend class drunk or hungover.  If not out of embarrassment for yourself (trust me no one thinks it's cool) then at least don't in consideration of your classmates.  No one wants to sit next to someone who reeks of alcohol or keeps passing out on their desk drooling. Get your stuff together. You know when you have class, so plan your extracurricular activities around them.

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