July 6, 2010

Connecticut and Etiquette

Old Saybrook lighthouse. Old Saybrook, CT

My Dad was from Connecticut, so growing up I spent many school vacations visiting family there. Some of my fondest memories are from my time in Connecticut like going to the beach with my Grandma, feeding seagulls at the dock with my cousins, and tagging along for my Grandpa and Dad's golf games. 

When I started college, I became obsessed with etiquette.  At night when I couldn't sleep I would alternate between reading The Great Gatsby and Emily Post's Etiquette. Something that I still do. Now I have collected many different etiquette books and finding new ones is a sort of passion of mine. I love all things proper and etiquette-y.

So, with that I decided to start doing a post about one of my favorite Connecticut things and an etiquette tip or thought. Thus, Connecticut and Etiquette!

Goodspeed Opera House

The Goodspeed Opera House is a Connecticut and musical theater institution. Located in East Haddam it is a picturesque building that has a long history.  Many musicals have gotten there start at Goodspeed including the original production of Annie, which my Grandma attended.  I can't remember all the shows I saw there, but I do remember going to see The Pajama Game with my Dad.  Of course, it was fabulous.  For more information about Goodspeed and upcoming productions visit http://www.goodspeed.org/.


I think Peggy Post put it best when she wrote, "The mark of a gracious person is his ability to put people at ease and spare them any embarrassment."  In today's individualistic world we should strive to remember to be gracious.  If someone is lost or unsure of what to do help them out.  To knowingly let someone feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation or fall behind because they don't know what to do is simply unforgivable.  Politely help them out and don't make a big fuss about it.  A person should feel grateful you helped not stupid.


  1. Great post! Etiquette is very important and there is a definite lack of it these days!

  2. This is great! This post is so creative and so you! I think being gracious is so important, when I was reading it I was thinking about people I know who are truly gracious, and they really stand out! I'm going to try to focus on being more gracious :)

  3. Oh and I forgot to ask you where you went to school? Feel free to send me an email sometime- I'd love to know where you joined AGD! I went to UGA.


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