July 19, 2010

Rush- What Do I Wear?!

Here are some examples I made of what would be appropriate to wear during Formal Recruitment. Now not every school has the same schedule or events, so make sure to check your school's schedule and adapt the days I've listed.  Some campuses are more "frills" leaning meaning everyone including members are a little bit dressier or they are "no frills" meaning things are more relaxed and could be categorized as informal formal recruitment.  (I won't get into the other meanings of frills or no frills. It's way too confusing and not really important for PNMs. If you want to know you can e-mail me.)  These outfits are definitely more geared towards a frills recruitment, which is essentially any large university south of the Mason Dixie line or in California.  You probably know whether your school's Greek system is competitive or what their trends are, so I'm sure you can judge how dressy it is. These examples are on the dressier end.

Day 1- Casual Day
Almost every rush will have one day that is casual. It is usually the 1st day sometimes the 2nd. There is usually some rush t-shirt that will be provided to wear or you'll wear your schools shirt.  The key to this day is to not mistake casual for sloppy.  Just because you don't have to wear heels doesn't mean you can just throw anything on.  Accessories are always important, but especially today. This example has pearls. Now for some it might seem weird to wear pearls with a t-shirt, but honey get used to it if your going to be in sorority. If you plan to wear tennis shoes they need to be almost new. No scuffs or dirt.

Day 2 - Philanthropy
The 2nd day/round of recruitment really differs more than any other day at each campus.  Sometimes it will be the casual day because you will be making crafts etc for the sororities' philanthropy.  If not it gets a little bit dressier.  Wearing a casual dress is great with flats.  Again make sure you complete the outfit with accessories. Make-up doesn't need to be super elaborate.

Day 3- Skit Day
This is the round that things start to get dressier.  This is something you would wear if you had a ceremony to attend.  Heels are recommended. However, this is usually the day house tour occurs so you will be going up and down stairs and walking around.  You need to know how to walk in your heels well. If that's going to be a problem wedges are always a good alternative or dressy flats. Also, out of all the outfits your rushers will remember it will probably be this one because it's a longer party and things seem less crazy when on house tour in regards to having a "real" conversation.

Day 4- Pref Night

This is the last round and the dressiest.  Must wear a dress and heels.  Think along the lines of a cocktail dress.  Side note: you will not be talking to any boys during a recruitment party. (Granted they will likely be sitting across the street in the yard on a couch. But they are not important, so they don't count.)  Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to dress sexy for this round.  No one wants to see your whoo ha or your boobs.  Keep it classy.  

Now again all these looks can be adapted for your campus or style. It's just important to remember to dress comfortably-ish (lets face it... rush is so not comfortable. It's not fair to let you think it will be.), present yourself as put together, and express your own individual style within the dress code.

Next post will deal with general recruitment tips including appearance, what to bring in your tote, and conversation pointers.


  1. Great outfits! I wish I would've had this when I went through Recruitment last Sept :)

  2. I LOVE the outfits....so cute!!!! I can't wait to rush for a sorority! P.S. (I'm loving the blog!! So cute!)

  3. i dont know how i found your blog, but i am loving it! and i think it is so great that you are doing these helpful hints for PNMs... i usually write LOOONG emails but i will just send them to your site!

    a former sorority girl (who misses recruitment so much she is seriously considering flying back just to help!)

  4. The outfits are adorable! I'm a new follower to your blog...and it's adorable!

  5. I'm so glad everyone loved the outfits!! And I'm glad ya'll like the blog! Welcome welcome!!

  6. love the outfits! thanks!


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