July 12, 2010

To Bow or Not to Bow?

Ok, so I've been a big fan of bows since I was kid.  They are just fun, carefree, and young. Which leads me to my conundrum. How old is too old to wear bows in your hair?

When I started college I retired my bows and ribbons thinking that it was childish. But then everyone started wearing bows again! So, I jumped on board and started sporting bows and bow-bands.  Now that I'm a quasi-adult I still want to wear bows but I'm left with the feeling that they are again too childish for my age.

So, I ask you. How old is too old to wear bows? Does it depend on the occasion? Does it depend on the bow? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I have always been a bow person too! The million dollar question really is how old is too old? I stopped wearing bows until about my junior year of high school when I decided that the children's store I worked in had adorable bows and I had to have them. So I bought them and started wearing them and now they've just become my staple. Everyone knows me to wear a bow, and it's been like that for several years because I am going to be a junior in college! On my campus I see several girls wearing them, although my parents always tell me that I'm too old!

  2. I think its all about how you wear them. I think those plastic barrette bows are a little youthful... but as nice hair accessory, like a classy headband is totally ok, especially is it ads to the outfit. I think those ribons that I used to tie around my ponytail are a little youthful, but then also it depends on the outfit. I dont know if that makes sense, but those are my thoughts.


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