July 15, 2010

Sorority Recruitment

 My Bid Day. I'm in the second row of black t-shirts with the big white necklace.

As the end of July approaches it makes me sad that I'm not going to be moving into the sorority house to get ready for Work Week then recruitment.  I have been obsessed with recruitment ever since I went through it. Every year I was a member I was a part of the recruitment team and have gone back to help after graduating.  So, I was thinking I could share some advice I've gathered over the years to those going through recruitment. Now this isn't going to be a guarantee you'll get into the house you want, but it's just helpful hints. And for those of you who are already members or Alums you can add your own tips to each section in the comments.

Every campus is different, so you'll have to use your judgment about what will work and won't. There will be 6 parts to this recruitment series:
  • Rush Intro
  • What to Wear
  • General Tips
  • Tip for Rush Parties
  • Rules for when you get to campus.
  • So, you're in... now what?
Next post will be Rush Intro on Saturday! So get excited and stay tuned!!

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