July 13, 2010

Connecticut and Etiquette

Mystic Seaport - Museum of America and the Sea

Mystic Seaport is great tourist destination located in Mystic,CT.  The various attractions include a 19th century village and various ships that are harbored for people to go aboard and explore.  When I went I loved the shops in the "village" it was fun to see the different types of stores and businesses that would have been around in 19th century New England.  I remember being particularly impressed with the printing press exhibit.  One thing I did not realize about Mystic is that they give sailing lessons to children through adults.  You can start with the beginning classes or hone your skills in one of the advanced. So much fun and so worth it. For more information http://www.mysticseaport.org


Deference is when you defer to someone because of age and/or experience.  It's a way to be respectful to them.  Referring to people by their titles, removing your hat during the pledge, or standing when an authority figure enters the room (ie: a judge, elected official etc.).  It might seem old fashion and rigid, but really how hard is it to show respect?  You can respect a person or institution without necessarily agreeing with it. Next time you're out somewhere watch for deference or the lack of it and decide what that says about that person.  


  1. Dear blogger! I just thought I had to visit your blog because I actually sign like Gigi aswell.

    And the great thing about this whole move is that I love reading your blog! Great post!

    I'm following!


    Gigi (<3)


  2. I love Mystic Seaport!! Great destination :)


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